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cat-condo-6If you cater for cats, you know how important it is for them to have their own “space”. Shor-Line’s Cat Condo™ range gives them the ability to roam even when your practice is full. Each Shor-Line Cat Condo™ is available as an individual unit, allowing you to choose from four different sizes to best fit your feline housing needs. Because Shor-Line Cat Condos™ are modular it is easy for you to choose the sizes which best fit your requirements.

The following styles of Cat Condos are available. Stainless Steel or Acrylic Door Laminate or Acrylic Back

Shor-Line Cat Condos™ are constructed from moisture resistant board and thermally fused high-pressure laminates for an outstanding moisture repelling and wear resistant surface. All panels and resting shelf edges are protected by 3mm PVC chip resistant material creating a watertight seal.

A horizontal pass through allows two or more Cat Condos™ to be connected for your clients that may be boarding more than one cat. The horizontal pass through can be opened and closed from the outside without opening the Cat Condo or disturbing the occupant.

Vertical portals can be open or closed with a removable, high density polyethylene cover.

A unique “hands free” safety design allows you and your staff to open the condo door with a forearm while keeping both hands on your feline guest.

Another special Shor-Line feature is the unique rabbet rout design that creates a physical anchor for our high strength polyurethane adhesive watertight sealer. All vertical and horizontal panel joints, including the resting shelf, incorporate this feature.

Shor-Line can also supply the following to complement your Cat Condo Units:

  • Storage Units with twin doors
  • Storage Units with three drawers
  • Storage Units with four drawers
  • Single Drawer Units
  • Mobile Storage Units
  • Litter and Bedroom Areas

Please contact us with your area dimensions. Our staff will help you design Cat Condo Units just right for your practice.

Cat Condo - Product Description and Dimensions

DescriptionW (mm)H (mm)D1 (mm)D2 (mm)
Cat Condo 609.6 x 609.6 mm609.6609.6711.2673.10
Cat Condo 609.6 x 762.0 mm609.6762.0711.2673.10
Cat Condo 762.0 x 609.6 mm762.0609.6711.2673.10
Cat Condo 762.0 x 762.0 mm762.0762.0711.2673.10


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