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Isolation Kennels

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Isolation Kennels

When there is the need to isolate potentially infectious clients, you can do so using the Parvo Kennel. Clean up is fast and easy due to the raised floor and sloped rear drainage systems. A second kennel unit can be stacked to allow up to two kennel units per base.

Parvo Kennel features

  • Disinfectant safe polyethylene kennel shell.
  • Raised floor system which keep your client elevated thus minimising contact with their waste.
  • Lexan door splatter guard and raised bottom retaining lip help to contain explosive diarrhoea.
  • Sloped rear drainage system.

Isolation Kennels - Product Codes

Product CodeDescription
925.3931.01Parvo Kennel
925.2000.02Upper Parvo Kennel
925.2000.03Two Unit Parvo Kennel

Isolation Kennels - Dimensions

L (mm)W (mm) including drainH1 (mm)H2 (mm)


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