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Kennel Mounting Hardware

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Kennel Mounting Hardware

Trim Plates

Product CodeDescription
322.0151.11#11 Trim Plate
322.0151.12#11A Trim Plates
322.0151.66#66 Trim Plate
322.0151.22#22 Trim Plate
322.0151.23#22A Trim Plate
322.0151.55#55 Trim Plate
322.0151.44#44 Trim Plate

Trim Strips

Product CodeDescription
300.1350.18Trim Strip for 457.2mm High Kennel
300.1350.24Trim Strip for 609.6mm High Kennel
300.1350.30Trim Strip for 762mm High Kennel
300.1350.36Trim Strip for 914.4mm High Kennel

Product CodeDescription
300.1346.18Spacer for 457.2mm Wide Kennel
300.1346.24Spacer for 609.6mm Wide Kennel
300.1346.30Spacer for 762mm Wide Kennel
300.1346.36Spacer for 914.4mm Wide Kennel
300.1346.48Spacer for 1219.2mm Wide Kennel

Clips and Screws
Product CodeDescription
300.1698.00Kennel Front Clip
300.0170.00#5 Rear Clip
062.2505.011/4 20 x 1/2 Truss Head Screw*
060.2506.001/4-5/8 Stainless Steel Screw*
064.2500.00Nut for 1 x 20 hx Screw

* Shor-Line Kennels currently use product code 060.2506.00
Kennels manufactured between May 1992 and December 2009 use product code 062.2505.01


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