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Plastic Kennels


Precision engineered to meet your requests for an alternative approach to animal kennels. Using technically advanced materials for durability and sanitation, the corrosion resistant Shor-Line kennels are the perfect alternative for your animal holding areas. These kennels are ideal for animal holding after bathing or grooming, or to add to your existing holding cage system.

The one piece kennel shell is constructed of tough, chlorine resistant polyethylene plastic using a rotationally moulded process that eliminates stress points at seams and adds overall uniformity and rigidity to the unit. This plastic material also resists stains and daily exposure to disinfectants. A urine retaining lip is part of the design to catch spills.

The kennels are available in two sizes, medium and large (please see below for details). Also available are two styles of kennel; standard and a standard kennel with raised floor and removable collection pan (Quick Clean). The “Quick Clean” kennel features a removable collection pan thermoformed from high impact black polystyrene. This moulding process eliminates leaky seams and ensures years of use.

A black powder coated divider is available for the large kennel to separate into two smaller kennels.

All kennel bank units mount perfectly on our black powder coated mobile platforms.

The modular design allows custom units or our standard three, four and six units. The three unit model consists of two medium kennels mounted on top of one large kennel. The four and six unit models are made up of medium kennels only.

Shor-Line plastic kennels are a functional solution for animal holding. Designed by our engineers with the same goals as our other kennel products: to offer durability and value for your animal kennelling needs. An alternative to our famous stainless steel kennels.


Plastic Kennel - Product Codes

Product CodeDescription
925.3000.023 Unit Plastic Kennel Assembly (includes Divider and Mobile Platform).
925.4000.024 Unit Plastic Kennel Assembly (includes Mobile Platform).
925.6000.026 Unit Plastic Kennel Assembly (includes Mobile Platform).
925.3000.123 Unit "Quick Clean Plastic Kennel" Assembly with Floor, Pan, Divider and Mobile Platform.
925.4000.124 Unit "Quick Clean Plastic Kennel" Assembly with Floor, Pan and Mobile Platform.
925.6000.126 Unit "Quick Clean Plastic Kennel" Assembly with Floor, Pan and Mobile Platform.

Individual Plastic Kennel - Dimensions

ProductW (mm)H (mm)D (mm)
Medium Plastic Kennel615.95712.00720.73
Large Plastic Kennel1231.9876.3720.73