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Monitor your inpatients from anywhere in the world.



YesWeCanSee® is an integrated webcam system to monitor hospitalised animals.

Positioned directly on a Kennel Door, it allows you to monitor the health status of your patient from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection.

  • View
  • Listen
  • Speak
  • Illuminate

YesWeCanSee® gives you remote, 4-way interaction with your patient. It can also be programmed to allow your client to view their pet remotely at defined times if appropriate. 


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Pole Mount Bracket

Pole Mount bracket

The Pole Mount Bracket can be easily installed on any pole such as a Mobile I.V. Drip Stand. Giving YesWeCanSee® the flexibility and versatility to be used in multiple locations in the practice.

Wall Mount Bracket

    wall mount bracket

The Wall Mount Bracket allows for easily installation on any wall or flat surface.

Cat Condo Bracket

cat condo mount

The Cat Condo Bracket allows YesWeCanSee® to be easily mounted onto Shor-Line Cat Condos with Acrylic Doors.

YesWeCanSee® Products

Product CodeDescription
EUR.1111.00YesWeCanSee Webcam
EUR.1111.01Pole Mount Bracket
EUR.1111.02Wall Mount Bracket
EUR.1111.03Cat Condo Mount Bracket

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