T-Kennel Run Systems

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T-Kennel offers Run Systems that work both indoors or outdoors. Take a look at the range of products available and the different ways you can combine them to build or renovate your facility.


    • 1828.8mm run height.

    • 25.4mm Stainless Steel tubing with mitered corners.

    • 4.8mm Stainless Steel grill panel spaced every 152.4mm for security.

    • Grill panel rods welded at every intersection.

    • Choose from Tempered Glass or Grill Doors.

    • Tempered Glass available on doors, side panels and/or back panels.

    • Rods pass into gate frame tube for added security.

    • 16-gauge Stainless Steel hardware.

    • Single Pin Latch for security (can be locked) so gate can open in or out and is completely removable.

    • Hands-free latch operation.

    • Side panels available in 1219.2mm (semi) isolation or full isolation.

    • Adjustable drop bar follows the slope of the floor to prevent cross contamination.

    • Gate can open in or out and is completely removable.

    • Two strong (0.093) PVC panels are sandwiched between a Sound Dampening Technology core to help reduce sound and add strength.

    • Optional feeding systems for food and water available.

    • Outdoor applications are available.


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 Click here to download the "T-Kennel Run Systems" guide.

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